RLSS (India) celebrates 20th Anniversary

We would like to send our congratulations to our member branch Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) who celebrated their 20th anniversary of the founding of their organisation on 2nd August 2018. To mark the occasion, Rear Admiral Purushottam Dutt Sharma issued the following message:

Today, 2nd of August 2018 we complete 20 years of our existence as the Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India). During these years, we as a team have dedicated our time and effort to inculcate safety consciousness in the community and train as many people as possible in skills to help a person in distress. Despite being a populous country, losing almost half a million lives every year to accidents on land and in water hurts us for they are from our workforce, in the age group of 15 to 50 years, who matter most to our country. Training Lifesavers amongst them must continue to be our objective so that accident victims receive timely help. Training a lifesaver in every home remains our mission and a distant dream.
It is a fitting occasion to redeem our pledge to create a huge bank of lifesavers in our country so that no matter where or when an accident victim falls on land or in trouble in water, there is effective intervention to save a life.
On this occasion I wish all lifesavers throughout India many happy of the day and continued success as we progress towards becoming the Centre of Excellence for Safety Awareness and Training in the country leading RLSS (I) to launch the World’s 1st Safety Literacy Mission this year.

Rear Admiral Purushottam Dutt Sharma
Founder President RLSS (I)


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