World Drowning Prevention Day 2022

Today is World Drowning Prevention Day.

World Drowning Prevention Day provides the global drowning prevention community with an opportunity to come together and contribute to, and engage in, a global day of activity.

Drowning has been the cause of over 2.5 million preventable deaths in the last decade.  It is a significant global issue that to date has been largely unrecognised relative to its impact.  WHO estimates that 236,000 people die from drowning annually.  This figure excludes drowning relating to flood disaster and water transport incidents, so is considered to be an under-representation

Based on the WHO estimate it is tragic to think that today, on World Drowning Prevention Day, more than 650 people will lose their lives to drowning.

Although World Drowning Prevention Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of this preventable silent killer, it also enables us as a community to reflect on those lives tragically lost to drowning and the devastation it has left many families with.  Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones to drowning

Anyone can drown, no one should