Noah Winders receives 2022 Russell Medal

Yesterday, Noah Winders from Ireland was awarded the 2022 Russell Medal, for his part in saving the life of a teammate.

RLSS’s Russell Medal is awarded for the most outstanding resuscitation or attempted resuscitation performed during the previous calendar year by a person under 21 years of age. Noah was playing basketball at school when one of his teammates collapsed, and Noah, just 15 at the time, recognised signs of cardiac arrest and commenced CPR. As part of a team, he helped continue this until the paramedics arrived on scene. After several weeks in hospital, the casualty made a full recovery.

To honour his courage, Noah was invited to a reception at the home of British Ambassador to Ireland, Paul Johnston, who presented Noah with the Russell Medal in front of Noah’s family and friends, and the teammate whose life he helped save.

If you know someone who should be recognised for a rescue attempt, you can find more information on our Awards and how to nominate on our website: RLSS Honours and Awards – Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth (

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