70th Anniversary Celebration of the Mountbatten Medal

3rd June marks the 70th anniversary of the launch of the Mountbatten Medal in 1951.

On that day HRH the Princess Elizabeth, in her role as Vice Patron of the Society, attended the RLSS Diamond Jubilee Council Meeting and unveiled the Mountbatten Medal Honours Panel.   This mahogany display was donated to the Society by Lord Mountbatten and held the names of early recipients of the Mountbatten Medal.

The Medal is awarded annually for the most gallant rescue or rescue attempt undertaken in the previous calendar year. The rescue must be made by the holder, or previous holder, of a lifesaving award delivered by a Royal Life Saving Society Member Branch. It can only be awarded to a citizen from a Commonwealth Nation, but the rescue or rescue attempt can be performed anywhere in the world.

Water rescue is a core activity through which the RLSS achieves its mission of drowning prevention and its most significant value of humanitarianism and has since 1891. The Mountbatten Medal is the embodiment of our motto “Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in them a fellow human being”.

Over the past seventy years 57 medals have been awarded to lifesavers from sixteen Commonwealth nations.

This milestone highlights not only the selfless bravery of the recipients but the dedicated work by our Member Branches to teach and promote the cause of lifesaving. Citations describing these rescues can be found at https://www.rlsscommonwealth.org/rlss-awards/the-mountbatten-medal/

The Medal was established by and is named for the RLSS President of the time, Earl Mountbatten of Burma.  To learn more about the many achievements of Lord Mountbatten during his time as President click here https://www.rlsscommonwealth.org/archive/125th-anniversary/our-shared-legacy/earl-mountbatten-burma/ . Lord Ivar Mountbatten currently serves as the Patron of the Mountbatten Medal.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary we are inviting past recipients to share the experience of their rescue and of receiving the Medal.  We are building our archive of knowledge about the Medal and the experience of its recipients and intend to publish a book to commemorate the Medal and its recipients.


If you are a Mountbatten Medal recipient with whom we have not yet been in contact, and would like to learn more about sharing your experience, please email commonwealthadmin@rlss.org.uk

If you know of a rescue which might qualify for the Mountbatten Medal you may download the nomination form by clicking here https://www.rlsscommonwealth.org/rlss-awards/the-mountbatten-medal/ and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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