The ‘125’ Human Banner Challenge

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Here’s a great way for RLSS Member Branches to get everyone involved in celebrating the Society’s 125th Anniversary!

Human banners are a novel way to draw attention to a cause, an organisation or a product in a fun, simple and low-cost way that gets people directly involved. A human banner is a message comprising letters and/or numbers, created by organising people to form the shape of those letters/numbers. It might be on a beach, at a pool or in an open area. It can be done using ten people or a hundred or more.

To celebrate and promote our 12th Anniversary, RLSS is inviting Member Branches, (through their Clubs and Affiliates), to organise at least one human banner during 2016 in the form of the numbers ‘125’.

Simply organize your banner, take a picture, write a caption noting your Member Branch/Club/Affiliate name and any information you wish to share, (who is involved, what kind of publicity about RLSS drowning prevention you achieved, funds that you raised etc.) and send it to

That’s it, we will do the rest! There is no judging of submissions nor prizes awarded, but we will post your photo and caption on the Commonwealth Facebook and Twitter pages where others will see, ‘like’ and share it with others.

Why should our Member Branch/Club/Affiliate do this?

There are many potential benefits for a limited amount of work:

Your banner may help to develop local relationships with the media, partners and lifesavers, for example; and new opportunities for a brighter future.

How do we organise our Human Banner?

  1. Think about the design of your Banner and how you might make it eye-catching, unique and different from those of others. You will find that a larger group of people will be more challenging to coordinate than a smaller group. You will need to ensure you can fit the whole thing into a photographs, so if it’s an image with lots of people, perhaps you could take it looking down onto a beach from a clifftop or hillside; if it’s a smaller group, for example, perhaps from the high diving board in a pool, a rooftop or a ladder.
  2. Find a person(s) to organise everything and appoint a spokesperson to deal with any media inquiries. That person should be knowledgeable about drowning prevention, the activities of the Member Branch/Club/Affiliate and the human banner event.
  3. Determine who will be involved, a date and location and what participants are to wear, and invite them. Decide how the photo will be taken (the photographer may have to be elevated), and who will take it.
  4. On the day of the event, organse the people and take the photo.
  5. Send the photo and information to Note that by submitting the photo you consent to its use by the Royal Life Saving Society for promotional or publicity purposes. We’ll start by uploading it to this page! Follow the link below to see the images we have so far.
  6. Share your photos on your website/social media.

And remember………

Click here to see your Human Banner pictures