Enter the RLSS 125 Picture Challenge

125 shutter speed image

You may have seen some of the fantastic human banner photographs we’ve received from around the Commonwealth in celebration of our 125th Anniversary. We’re really thrilled that it’s captured the imagination of so many people.

However, not everyone has the opportunity (or the amount of people) to make a human banner work – and in recognition of this, we’d like to set another challenge that everyone can enter – regardless of where they are in the RLSS family of nations, or how many colleagues they work with.

The RLSS 125 picture challenge is looking for as many pictures as we can of the ‘125’ image. They can be photographs, drawings, collages, paintings, cartoons…. and anyone of any age can submit an entry. This is a great challenge for our younger members and our children!

Here are a few ideas of pictures you could create:

Send your photograph (or a photograph of the picture you have created, if it’s not a photograph itself) to commonwealth@rlss.org.uk by the end of October 2016, along with your name and country, a brief description of the image, and a few words about why you decided to create it. If you are under 16, please tell us your age.

Selected pictures will be included in an online gallery of 125 images on our website and Flickr page, and hopefully form part of an official record of celebration of our 125th Anniversary year.

By submitting your picture, you give the RLSS permission to post it on its social media and/or website. This is not a contest nor will any prize be given. Our goal is to share what we feel are the best submissions and we will evaluate your submission accordingly.

Posting on our social media channels/website is at the sole discretion of the RLSS and due to quality, number of submissions, content or other variables we may not be able to post all submissions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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