Your RLSS 125 lifesaving stories

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Craig Spears

Craig Spears is from Nottinghamshire, UK and has been involved with RLSS UK for 15 years. He is a Lifesaving TA and a Lifesaving Instructor Tutor with open water endorsement and Life Support 3. Here’s his story:

Craig Spears 2“Thanks to skills learned through many years of the heritage awards program and as an RLSS instructor I was able, with the assistance of 2 trained (not RLSS) owners at an activity centre in rural France, where I was working at the time, to resuscitate someone whose heart had just stopped whilst out for a run with his son. 

I noticed that the casualty was taking agonal gasps, thanks to a video shown on my last course, and started administering CPR to the casualty. We continually provided CPR for 15 minutes until the French Ambulance service arrived and took over care of the casualty. After being shocked once by an AED the casualty’s heart restarted. He is now recovering well with an internal defibrillator fitted.”

Well done to Craig – it’s great that skills you learned can be used on dry land as well as on water!

Norm Farmer

It’s not every family that can boast three Bronze Medallions from successive generations – but the Farmer family can! Norm Farmer, Executive Director of the Royal Life Saving Society, outlines the Farmer family’s connection to the Society’s flagship award.

farmer-family-medalsIn November 1907 Francis Farmer gained the Bronze Medallion of the Royal Life Saving Society in Derby, England.

In November 1939, and at the age of 14 years, Jack Farmer, son of Francis and Alice Farmer, also gained the Bronze Medallion at the Mentone Pier in Melbourne, Australia. Jack spent a further 53 years involved with the RLSS, receiving Commonwealth Life Membership in 1990.

Carrying on the family tradition, Norman, second born of Jack and Shirley Farmer and grandson of Francis, gained the Bronze Medallion at the Middle Brighton Baths, Melbourne, in November 1977. Norman has also continued his lifesaving involvement in Victoria, for Australia and more recently as Executive Director of the RLSS (Commonwealth). Norman also received the RLSS Commonwealth Life Membership in 1994.

Well done to all the Farmers – can any other families match their achievement? Let us know if you can!