Help us celebrate World Drowning Prevention Day

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a historic resolution on global drowning prevention on 28 April 2021. The resolution recognises the scale and impact of drowning prevention globally and calls for coordinated multisectoral action to prevent drowning. A key element of the resolution is the establishment of a new UN-recognised World Drowning Prevention Day where all stakeholders and their partners are invited and encouraged to contribute to, and engage in, this global day of activity.

The Royal Life Saving Society and it’s members have various activities planned to mark the first World Drowning Prevention Day on Sunday 25 July 2021.

One of the activities we are launching is a campaign to show your support and promote World Drowning Prevention Day.  We have created a sign for you to download and print and ask that you take a photo of yourself, and the sign, in an unusual place/setting or at an event you may be organising or taking part in for World Drowning Prevention Day.  Upload your photos to social media and tag us Facebook and Instagram @rlsscommonwealth and Twitter @rlsscw and use the hashtag #drowning prevention.

We look forward to seeing your pictures and sharing them amongst our supporters


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