Your 125 Human Banner pictures

Here’s a great image from RLSS Canada, created at the Canadian Lifesaving Championships.

Another one from Canada! This time from the The Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch of the Lifesaving Society who got creative during the Lifesaving Society Canada annual spring conference and general meeting. This picture was taken on 27th May at the West Edmonton Mall Water World Park. Thanks to Barbara Costache for this great shot – and the one above!

This one’s from the UK and was submitted by Pete Moyes, RLSS UK President. It shows competitors from the National Police Life Saving Championships getting into the 125th anniversary spirit.

Here’s another one from the UK, taken at RLSS UK’s 2016 National Conference.

A great shot from Australia, courtesy of the South Melbourne Life Saving Club! Thanks guys for your human banner in possibly the most picturesque location so far.