Cavell Burchell  

Europe/Africa Regional Trustee 

Lifesaving is a passion for Cav and he is driven by a desire to minimise accidental & non-fatal drowning, be it through the development of community-based education programmes or by being an advocate for the adoption of drowning prevention strategies at governmental level.  

Cav’s involvement started in 1970 as a 12-year-old learning water safety and resuscitation skills. He then  started to assist the teaching of the junior members and has remained engaged with RLSS ever since. He has held many appointments within RLSS UK, including that of RLSS UK Senior Tutor and worked at the highest level in developing and delivering qualification and trainer courses in lifesaving, pool and beach lifeguarding, and boat handling. 

In 1986 he was appointed to the National Lifeguard Committee, and since then has served as a member of other RLSS UK National Committees and Working Groups and is a former Chair of the Sports, Events and Marketing Committee and the National Education Committee. As an RLSS UK Trustee from 1995 until 2002 he had a particular focus on awards and training and took up his current RLSS UK Trustee post in 2013, this time as the Governance Advisor. 

He is currently in his second term as a Trustee for the RLSS Commonwealth Board and holds office as the Vice-chair of the ILS(E) Drowning Prevention Commission.