Commonwealth Young Lifesaver of the Year 

In 2015 to coincide with the Commonwealth theme of “A Young Commonwealth” the Society established the Commonwealth Young Lifesaver of the Year award.  This award recognises those young volunteers who are the future of the organisation.  Each recipient is an individual whose voluntary contributions and achievements have significantly impacted on the Society and its work and have assisted in our global drowning prevention mission. 

Procedural Notes 

Each Member Branch may select one individual as the Commonwealth Young Lifesaver of the Year for their country each year.  This nomination does not require any Commonwealth ratification, but the Commonwealth Headquarters will issue the certificate for the award. 

Nominees must be under the age of 30 on December 31st of the year for which they are being nominated. 

Nominees must be a member of the RLSS in their home country and an active volunteer for their Member Branch. 

Nominees must have made a significant contribution to drowning prevention in their Member Branch through their voluntary work with the Society 

Drowning prevention efforts are considered to be “all activities that make someone safe in, on or near water”. 

Nominations are accepted on an annual basis and must be submitted to the Commonwealth Office on the RLSS YOUNG LIFESAVER OF THE YEAR Nomination Form by 9th February each year 

Successful nominees will be  notified by their Member Branch following production of the award certificate.  The Member Branch will be responsible for arranging a suitable presentation of the award.