Kenya Lifesaving Federation

The Kenya Lifesaving Federation is the National Federation for Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sport. In these roles KLF leads, supports and partners with Branch, National and International organisations committed to drowning prevention, aquatic safety supervision, emergency response, promotion of water safety and development of lifesaving sport.

KLF is the national authority in the national effort to prevent drowning and promotion of national water safety.

1. Build the capacity to reduce drowning within targeted at-risk communities in Kenya.
2. Position KLF as the national leader, advocate and global best practice authority for medical, education and rescue issues in lifesaving and lifeguarding.
3. Form alliances, advocate and implement strategies to reduce the drowning of children national.
4. Increase participation in lifesaving sport.
5. Increase the participation of women and Local individuals at community level.
6. Grow and diversify KLF revenues.
7. To produce the National drowning report and other aquatic safety research reports

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