Member Organisations

Our Current Member Organisations 

Australia Royal Life Saving Society – Australia 
Bangladesh Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh 
Barbados Royal Life Saving Society Barbados 
Botswana Lifesaving Botswana
Brunei Brunei Beach Bunch 
Cameroon Royal Life Saving Society Cameroon 
Canada Lifesaving Society (Canada) 
Cayman Islands RLSS Cayman Islands 
Cyprus Cyprus Lifesaving Federation 
GhanaGhana Lifesaving and Diving Association 
Gibraltar Royal Life Saving Society Gibraltar 
Hong Kong Hong Kong Life Saving Society 
India Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) 
Jamaica Royal Life Saving Society Jamaica 
Kenya Kenya Lifesaving Federation 
Lesotho Royal Lesotho Lifesaving Association 
MalawiLifesaving Society of Malawi 
Malaysia Life Saving Society of Malaysia 
Mauritius Royal Life Saving Society Ile de Maurice (Mauritius) 
New Zealand Royal Life Saving Society New Zealand 
Malta Royal Life Saving Society Malta 
Pakistan Pakistan Life Saving 
Rwanda Rwanda Lifesaving Federation 
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone Life Saving Society 
Singapore Singapore Life Saving Society 
South Africa Lifesaving South Africa 
St Lucia St Lucia Life Saving Association 
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Life Saving 
Tanzania Tanzania Life Saving Society 
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Lifesaving Society 
Uganda Royal Life Saving Society Uganda 
UK Royal Life Saving Society UK 

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