RLSS Board of Trustees


At the beginning of this year we sought nominations for the RLSS Board of Trustees for the period 2020-2022.  We are delighted to confirm the following appointments:

Ms Pene Snashall, Australia, Asia Pacific Regional Trustee

Mr Lim Chien Ch’eng, Malaysia, Asia Pacific Regional Trustee

Mr Sanath Wijayaratne, Sri Lanka, Asia Pacific Regional Trustee

Mr Dylan Tommy, South Africa, Europe/Africa Regional Trustee

Mr Job Kania, Kenya, Europe/Africa Regional Trustee

Mr Cavell Burchell, UK, Europe/Africa Regional Trustee

Mr Robert Clark, Canada, Canada/Caribbean Regional Trustee

Mr John Bruce, St Lucia, Canada/Caribbean Regional Trustee

Mr John McFarlane, Jamaica, Canada/Caribbean Regional Trustee

Mr Motlatsi Mokala, Lesotho, Youth Trustee

In addition to these nominated Trustees, the following members of the Board will continue in their current roles:

Mr Clive Holland, Deputy Commonwealth President – Chair of Board of Trustees

Mr Clive Patrickson PhD, Treasurer

Dr Stephen Beerman, Appointed Trustee

These Trustees are appointed from 14th May 2020 and will play an important role in the direction and future activities of the Society. The first meeting of this new Board of Trustees will take place on Wednesday 10th June 2020.

Congratulations to all our new Trustees!


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