RLSS Diploma

Apply for the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) Diploma if you or a team have contributed to the understanding of lifesaving and drowning prevention. Have you or your team produced lifesaving work(s) with high impact?

Have your research and drowning prevention achievements recognised.

Theory, research, and practice based work all count including:

There’s no limit to the range of topics relevant to life saving considered including:

●    drowning prevention programmes and practice ●    studies of partnerships with other agencies
●    flooding and natural disaster resilience ●    water safety policy
●    lifesaving and lifeguarding equipment, training and practice ●    aquatic operations and risk management
●    lifesaving sport ●    ice safety
●    the epidemiology of drowning ●    changing the behaviour of individuals and society

There are no restrictions on who can apply (e.g. those in secondary education, university students, graduate students, lifesaving, lifeguarding or other professionals, researchers or academics). One of the applicants needs be from a member country of the RLSS.  (See https://www.rlsscommonwealth.org/rlss-members/ to find a list of RLSS member countries.)

Entries must be accompanied by a completed RLSS Commonwealth Diploma Entry Form. This is a brief summary of the work to ensure that the right people are involved in its assessment. Applications are reviewed by the RLSS Commonwealth Diploma Selection Committee quarterly.

For further information click here or if you require any guidance for your application or more information, contact RLSS Headquarters by email to commonwealthadmin@rlss.org.uk

Some recent recipients of the RLSS Diploma are (please click recipient name for details of their research):

Dr. Stathis Avramidis U.K. 2020
Job Kania Kenya 2019
David Browne U.K. 2018
Dr. Richard Franklin Australia 2018
Amy Peden Australia 2018
Prof. Peter Leggat Australia 2018
Prof. John Pearn Australia 2018
Jim McClelland Australia 2017
Hannah Calverley U.K. 2017
Dr. Stathis Avramidis/Prof. Janice Miner Holden EdD U.K. 2017
Dr. Jeff Wilks Australia 2017
Robert Clark Canada 2017