Resuscitation Education

In 2017 the RLSS, supported by Laerdal Medical, launched a Resuscitation Education training programme with the aim to provide emerging lifesaving organisations with an introductory kit of resuscitation equipment (a Laerdal Mini-Anne Classroom Kit of 10 resuscitation manikins plus some consumables) to enable those organisations to provide resuscitation education and training and where possible to derive revenues from such activity such that the programs could be sustainable.

Initially in 2017, 20 kits were provided by Laerdal; 12 of which were for Africa, 5 for the Caribbean (to be delivered in the first half of 2018) and 3 for Asia-Pacific (to be delivered in July 2018). In mid-2018 Laerdal extended their support through an additional 4 kits for the Asia-Pacific region; one for RLSS and 3 for ILS Asia-Pacific Members.  This brought the total donation to 24 Kits.

The first 12 of 20 kits were provided at the launch to the following countries in Africa in August 2017.

• Botswana • Mozambique
• Cameroon • Namibia
• Ghana • Kenya
• Lesotho • Seychelles
• Malawi • Tanzania
• Mauritius • Uganda

In 2018, 5 kits were provided to the Caribbean as follows:

• Jamaica • Tobago
• St Lucia • Guyana
• Trinidad  

Also in 2018, 7 kits were provided to the following countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

• Bangladesh • Philippines
• Brunei • Sri Lanka
• Indonesia • Thailand
• Pakistan  

Information on the use of the Mini-Anne manikins is collected on a periodic basis.

Some highlights are:

These are just a few examples, the kits are also being used for the CPR elements of other lifesaving awards and training provided by these lifesaving organisations.