The Mountbatten Medal

The Mountbatten Medal was instituted in 1951 by the Society’s then Grand President, The Earl of Mountbatten of Burma.

The Mountbatten Medal is awarded annually for the most gallant rescue or rescue attempt undertaken in the previous calendar year. The rescue must be made by the holder, or previous holder, of a lifesaving award delivered by a Royal Life Saving Society Member Branch. It can only be awarded to a citizen from a Commonwealth Nation, but the rescue or rescue attempt can be performed anywhere in the world.

Recent recipients of the Mountbatten Medal are (please click on the recipients name for details of their rescue):

2019  Clifford Coombe (South Africa)

2018  Matthew Maroun  (South Africa)

2017  Terrance Hinds  (Barbados)

2016  Andrew Pearson  (Canada)

2015  Zac Dominique  (St Lucia)

2014  Tamara Loiselle  (Canada)

2011  Mohamad Reshad Fatehmamade  (Mauritius)

2009  Andrew Hunt  (UK)

2008  Tristan Kennett  (UK)

2006  Corey Wood  (Canada)

2006  Aaron Dinham  (UK)

2005  Kathaluwa Yasarathna  (Sri Lanka)

2004  Shri Gajanan Ravikant Bhokare  (India)

For all other recipients from 1951 click here.

To download the Mountbatten Medal nomination form please click here.